Lee Meredith

Title:  Major  
Career Highlights

  • 2016 - Promoted to Major
  • 2014 - Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal
  • 2012 -  Awarded the Medal of Valor
  • 2012 - Promoted to Sergeant

Previous Experience

Lee Meredith started his career with the former Jefferson County Police Department as a telecommunications operator in 1997 and was selected to the police recruit class 272L. He had a wide variety of assignments during his career with the JCP / LMPD, including: Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, Police Training Officer, Crisis Intervention Team Officer, Narcotics Detective, Mobile Field Force Officer, SWAT Officer / Sniper and Charlie District / ATF Task Force Detective.


Major Meredith joined the Jeffersontown Police Department in March 2008. He has been assigned to the 1st and 2nd Platoons where he was a Bike Officer, Firearms Instructor, Tactical Instructor, CIT Officer and Field Training Officer. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2012 and has served as a Patrol Sergeant on 2nd platoon before becoming the police departments Training Sergeant. He was promoted to Major in 2016 and is the police departments Patrol Commander. 

Major Meredith created and is command for the Jeffersontown Police Departments Special Operations Group and directs the tactical units assistant commander, team leaders, tactical operations, training, and equipment. He also is the primary firearms instructor, heath safety officer, and field training coordinator. 

Major Meredith graduated from Louisville Male High School and attended the University of Louisville. He is a graduate of the DOCJT’s Academy of Police Supervision and has received both Intermediate and Advanced certifications from the DOCJT Career Development Program.